A Genius Way To Help Paint Dry

I’ve told you about my studio in the past and mentioned my dual swing-arm lamps. The double lamps that keep shadows away from my work. 

Showing the Reveal bulbs

But the 65 watt Reveal light-bulbs serve another purpose. They speed-dry the gouache. Placing them over the work and leaving them for a time dries the paint layer so well I can work the next step without waiting overnight. 

I have not timed how long I leave them. All I know is this works for me. 

I’ve done this for years, even with large paint areas. The paint doesn’t crack and the pergamenata doesn’t curl any more than it already was. (Perg isn’t known to be truly flat.) The lights are warm, so if you do something like this be careful with any plastics near by such as grided rulers and LED light-pads.

Lamps in the drying position

This is my unique adaptation to scroll creation. It speeds my work while I still paint in the fun details. 

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