My First Italic Script Scroll

My first italic script scroll lettering.

I have a new script I’ve done on my current scroll. It’s fun but confusing because it doesn’t seem to fit the common calligraphy rules. Sometimes you even push the pen nib, because it’s somewhat cursive. It’s italic, a late SCA period script.

Italic lettering is not detailed in “Drogin“, the SCA scribes’ calligraphy Bible. Although it is in both calligraphy books by David Harris.

The website calligraphy skills better amateur calligraphy also provides excellent help. It describes the script’s basics as:

  • a distinctive ‘lozenge’ shape to the body of letters a, b, d, g etc
  • elegant, narrow branching strokes forming the shoulders of letters such as b, h, m, n, p etc
  • quite long ascenders and descenders
  • usually a slight slant to the right
I have the scroll’s text done. The picture is just a tease. Yes, I have corrected the smudges with my trusty scratch nib. This script became more fun and flowed better the more I did it. I wish more people’s personas could use it.

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