5 Tips I Learned From Taking A Scribal Break

Me teaching paint making.

I had changes in my life two years ago so I drifted away from creating scrolls. Then M. Elynor of Glastonbury asked me to teach my paint making class. That sparked my interest and return to scribal art and teaching it.  

I’ve learned a few things returning from my scribal pause and thought they might interest you.  

  • Experimenting with materials and techniques both new and old is intriguing. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy and missed learning and testing things scribal. Revisiting this has given me new awareness and inspiration. 
  • I’m more consistent about scanning and photographing my work. I make notes on materials, techniques and process for this blog. But this helps me learn and be more aware of my efforts. 
  • I now place my palette and water as close as possible to my work. When doing numerous tiny strokes this controls blobs or splashes. It’s a time and motion thing I learned as a hygienist.
Aged paint pallet.
  • Supplies don’t last forever. – Duh- Since my return I found warn, bent, or separated tines on some nibs. An ink separated, and even when I shook it well it feathered on the page. Long dried pallet paint didn’t reconstitute. A quality scroll is influenced by quality materials and tools, so I’ve gradually replenished my stash.
  • I also use a yeti-type covered beverage vessel to assure I rinse my brushes in water not my tea. 

You can probably tell from my comments I’ve made a few missteps and am relearning things. My students are my teachers now.

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