10 Free On-line How To Make Paint Tutorial Links

I’m getting up to speed on making paint from pigments, again. Preparing to teach my paint making class in a few weeks.

I found several on-line tutorials you may like.

The first part of making paint is dispersing a powdered colorant in water. 

The second part is mixing in a binder.

The binder in each video is different Still, I learned tips from each video, even the videos using a binder different than I use.

Written Sources

    YouTube Videos

    • Making Ochre PaintsUsing soil and roadside rocks artist Helen Fitzgerald makes Ochre watercolor paint. 
    • Egg Tempera Making LectureHow to make egg tempera paint with egg yolk and powdered pigments. She also shows techniques in using it
    • Making Your Own Watercolor Paint–Watercolor artist David C. Powers show how he makes watercolor paint from powdered pigment. Powers works from a large amount of pigment giving you another viewpoint.

    The Take Away 

    Watching the videos you see the easy way artist’s make paint. I like experimenting and fun to just play.

    Bonus Videos

    For the curious mind, Master Pigments has four videos showing the tedious historic methods of making vivid blue, lead white and blue ochre. 

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