Tips And Tricks To Making A Neat Scroll

I make them too.

One distinguishing trait between a beginning scribe and an experienced one is their clean page. Experienced scribes have tricks they use to keep their scroll neat and clean as they work. Here I offer some to you in case you haven’t figured them out yourself. 

  • Wash your hands before you begin working and omit hand lotion.
  • Don’t have food or drinks near your workspace. Besides reducing spills this prevents rinsing your brush in your beverage cup.
  • Wear magnet-free thin therapeutic-type fingerless gloves. 
  • Use a permanent ink that isn’t absorbed into the surface.
  • Use a clean cover paper over areas you aren’t working AND be sure that the surface is dry before covering it.
  • Locate your water and paint so you don’t cross your page with a wet brush. Right side if you’re right-handed, left side if you’re left-handed.
  • Use a scraper and white vinyl eraser when you’re done to remove and neaten every spot, smudge and unwanted mark.
Experienced scribes turn these tricks into habits. It’s a constant effort. And as long as you’re a scribe you’ll struggle against the fates and Titivillus to create a perfect page. These habits make all the difference.

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