Finding Early Inspirations For Scribal Art

I am so pleased Calontir’s current monarchs are Logan and Ylva. Their enthusiasm and joy are blessings for us all. I want to do more because of their heartening spirit.

Their Royal Majesties Logan and Ylva have Norse personas. And their award style features that design. 

As a scribe I find this tough. The Norse left no manuscripts. The remaining Norse art is their metal-work and rock carvings. Scrolls can be designed inspired by those.
But the Norse were the people living in today’s Scandinavia. Nearby in today’s England and sometimes overlapping, were the Anglo-Saxons. They left behind the Lindisfarne Gospels and a host of other manuscripts and art

My 2016 Queen’s Prize Gift

Displayed on their items were art styles lumped together today as Celtic art. Knotwork, spirals, key patterns and twisting animals. I now have references and inspirations.

Looking for knotwork tutorials I ran across and online book to help me create them. Draw Your Own Celtic Designs by David James

So now I have the inspiration and help with designing them. I’m good to go.

The result was my Celtic style Queen’s Prize gift.


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