Best Renaissance Faire of Nebraska – 2019

I hadn’t planned to attend the Renaissance Faire this year. I’d planned to visit my brother in Minneapolis for his birthday. That didn’t happen for several reasons. But it meant I was able to help out with Lonely Tower‘s demo at the Renaissance Faire of Nebraska. I’m not going to give a lengthy tale about it. I’ll just share with you a few of the pictures I took. You can tell by the pictures how much fun a RenFaire is. If you haven’t attended one you should. So on to the pictures. So there are two parts to my pictures. First are pictures of Lonely Tower folk enjoying the day and telling RenFaire guests the fun we have all year long recreating things from before 1600. Of course we show off our arts and crafts. And visit with our friends and members from our neighboring Barony of Mag Mor, Lincoln, NE. This RenFaire is to awesome to keep to ourselves. And of course their are martial arts demonstrations. And some things like a Russian caring for a guest’s Chihuahua. You just never know what you’ll find. But there’s more to this wonderful Nebraska RenFaire than what we in the SCA do for it. So the following pictures are a few I took as I walked through out the faire. As I told you at first I hadn’t planned to attend this fascinating whimsical event. I wish I’d had more time […]

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Lonely Tower Shows Off Their Crafts And Skills

Demos are a common activity you find in the SCA. They educate the public about life in the Middle Ages, show off our crafts and skills, and help us find new member. 

Today the Barony of the Lonely Tower put on a demonstration at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. The university's Medieval and Renaissance Studies Department promoted it, calling it "Encountering the Past: Costumes, Crafts & Combats".

You couldn't ask for a more beneficial three hours.

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