5 Most Popular Blog Posts 0f 2016

Today I am sharing my 2016 five most popular blog posts. Those that have been “clicked-on” the most. These aren’t my “best” posts. (You and I have our own opinions of those.)  They may not be my most useful posts either. In today’s world popular blog posts happen by your willingness to share, comment on, and talk about them. It’s also how they rank in much, much later internet searches, making them more popular. So here’s my current top 5 blog review. 12th Night 2016: Barony of Lonely Tower’s Midwinter SCA Festival This one has the longevity advantage, as it was posted January 3rd. It is also a photo collection and people love pictures. But its count has been stable for 6 months. What’s An Award Scroll’s Purpose? Posted August 2nd, it already has almost as many clicks as #1. TBTh: 1990s Barony of the Lonely Tower Fashion Show Only posted September 1st, today it is shy by 7 clicks of #2. Not bad for less than a week. TBTh: Warthaven’s Master William Blackfox Posted August 18th.  Lilies War XXX Photo Array Posted June 19th and has a few clicks less than #4. Please leave me a comment below. Let me know what you think about them. I’d love to know, for my future posting efforts.

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