How To Toot Your Own Horn…Unobnoxiously

I am not a politician. bragging about my accomplishments. I don’t want to be that obnoxious person needling your nerves with bluster and boast. Even so, we all need ways to spotlight our own talents, scribal and other. As a scribe, our works commonly are grandly shown at court, taken home and hung on a wall. While they are appreciated by the recipient, their friends, family, and on-line social network, few others know the work.  This makes getting noticed as a scribe challenging. It’s also challenging because, in general, acclaim does not spread as well or as fast as drivel. So, how can you toot your own horn without being a show-off? I’d begin by proving my worth and let my creations speak for themselves. As a scribe develop a quality craft, and be reliable. The person assigning you a scroll depends on you to do your best work and present it before it’s needed for court. Anything less is a deficit for them…and you. Along the way, create works and show them to skilled scribes. Ask for their suggestions. In Calontir great ways to do this are entering Queen’s Prize or Tri-Levels competitions. I love these competitions because I learned the next best step to take, and who was doing what I wanted to learn next.  I’ve also privately shown my work to scribes I admire and asked for comment. Most love to share information and often learn from your techniques as much as you can […]

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