10 Top Calligraphy And Illumination Artists

Have you thought about becoming a C and I artist? I have. Calligraphy and illumination arts aren’t dusty ancient skills Medieval monks used to make religious tomes. They are used by many today to create art.  Here are ten people who modernly use calligraphy and illumination to create art and make a living. People who prove it is possible to do something you love and be paid for it.  Marie Angel was a calligrapher, illuminator and book illustrator. My first how-to book was her Painting For Calligraphers, although she has others. Check out this Pinterest board of her work. Randy Asplund recreates medieval books and illustrates science fiction and fantasy books. In the SCA he is known as Sir RanthulfR AsparlundR.  Kathryn Finter studies and reproduces 15th-century panel and illuminated works from the National Gallery of Canada and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Nancy Hulan sells her award winning book arts at Renaissance Faires and her Etsy shop. Her work inspires me and give me courage to expand my interests. Donald Jackson‘s modern handwritten St. John’s Bible team project. Jackson has authored several related books. Patricia Lovett creates, teaches and lectures on subjects and topics related to calligraphy and manuscripts. She has several related books. Marie Lynskey is an English traditional scribe, heraldic artist, and author. Her excellent book, Illumination For Calligraphers, was the second how-to book I bought.  Timothy Noad is an English calligrapher, illuminator, heraldic artist and author. Although he’s written several books, I particularly like his Illuminated Alphabet how-to-book. Illumination […]

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