My 10 Favorite Scribal Materials and Tools

I’ve been a scribe way over 20 years and along the way I have collected materials and tools. Some end up in a bin never to see the light of day again. Other’s become as necessary to me as water.  Here’s my 10 favorite scribal materials and tools, except for paint and paper towels. Things I can’t do without when I create an original scroll.  Ames Lettering Guide— This helps me draw goofproof calligraphy guide-lines with consistent line spacing. I’m also able to have the letter height different from the space between lines. It’s well worth learning how it works. Brause Calligraphy Nib—  I like these stiffer nibs because I still have a heavy hand. Their top reservoir and keen edge help me make clear, sharp letters. Calligrapher’s Bible by David Harris or another letter example.– I like this book because it lays flat and is a smaller size. I sometimes use my own hand-lettered examples that I’ve done on 3″ x 5″ cards. Computer– I use this for inspiration research such as scroll recipient’s interests on Facebook and original manuscript images. It saves time contacting friends for information and searching through university books.   Light Box— Mine is a Light Tracer Light Box II. I’ve had it for years. While it is slanted I have a large book under the back of it to slant it more. That makes for easier viewing and better ink flow. Pearl Ex Brilliant Gold pigment. I […]

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