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Wow! Scribal Research Has Changed

I love books, which is why my favorite bookstore closing was such a big deal. I buy books or borrow them from everywhere. Books and research are part of the SCA‘s attraction to me. Bookstore Search When I first joined the SCA, 26 years ago, I spent hours at the library each week. Then took a  stack off books home.  […]

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How-to Remove Scary From Writing SCA Documentation

In my previous article on arts and sciences documentation I responded to a common SCA non-writer’s lament. It presented several ways to show off creations without detailed writing. So what? What can you do if you want to write documentation? How do you learn to do it or improve at it? I won’t re-invent the wheel here. Instead, I give you resources to help you remove the scary from writing documentation. If you are very new to this try the first link. Others have sections on basic documentation that help as well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The SCA Arts and Sciences Easy Documentation-Writing Form on Ez-Doc–This Ez-Doc is form you edit with specific categories predetermined. You fill in sections relating to names (SCA and modern), project title, your inspiration (historical basis), tools and materials, procedure/methods, and sources. Entries Showing Documentation A & S Documentation Made Simple–A 2 page pdf about documentation steps. It’s presented in a form similar to many documentation entries I’ve judged. Examples included. Kingdom of Atlantia Arts and Sciences Handbook includes three brief sections on documentation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As I come from the Kingdom of Calontir, I include this link to their Arts and Sciences Criteria. Have a look at what judges expect to learn from you about your creation. Each category is broken into sections: novice, intermediate, and advanced. There is so much to be learned from writing about your project. It crystallizes your knowledge about your medieval creation. These links […]

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Barony of the Lonely Tower Arts and Sciences’ Revel

The Barony of the Lonely Tower held their annual Arts and Sciences Championship competition and revel yesterday. These pictures highlight the painting, socializing, court and dining.  Lady Aleit de la Thomme won the honor to be Barony’s Arts and Sciences Champion for the coming year. Her entry was three sleeves and the documentation that illustrates the way the sleeves broke their era’s […]

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Retirement Dreams

I’ve been involved with the elderly for most of my life. I was born late in my parents’ life and they both were born late in their parents’ lives. So, many of my Aunts, Uncles and Greats were old, if not Victorian, when I was young.  Then in Junior High, I volunteered weekly in the nursing home where my 90-something Grandfather […]

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