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Barony of the Lonely Tower Arts and Sciences’ Revel

The Barony of the Lonely Tower held their annual Arts and Sciences Championship competition and revel yesterday. These pictures highlight the painting, socializing, court and dining.  Lady Aleit de la Thomme won the honor to be Barony’s Arts and Sciences Champion for the coming year. Her entry was three sleeves and the documentation that illustrates the way the sleeves broke their era’s […]

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Retirement Dreams

I’ve been involved with the elderly for most of my life. I was born late in my parents’ life and they both were born late in their parents’ lives. So, many of my Aunts, Uncles and Greats were old, if not Victorian, when I was young.  Then in Junior High, I volunteered weekly in the nursing home where my 90-something Grandfather […]

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4 Calontir Blogs That Will Inspire You

Bloggers of Calontir have been busy presenting research and information about reenactment and history. Below I have a short list, sometimes called a blogroll. It’s probably not complete, even though I searched many ways. There must be more blogs written by Calontir citizens or former citizens. If you have a Calontir connected blog please, let me know in the comment section below. I am interested in personal blogs, not commercial. It should post SCA relevant information, at least quarterly, and been active for at least a year. These are the four excellent blogs I’ve found. You’ll see even they display great variety in style, topic, and interests. 1. The Falcon Banner, edited by HL Mathurin Kerbusso, is unique as it is a Calontir newsletter. While not an official publication of the SCA or the Kingdom of Calontir, it presents timely information relating to both. The Falcon Banner is my regular must read! 2. Konstantia Kaloethina: Just Another Byzantine Blog is Rachel Ost‘s creation. In addition to things Byzantine, her interests are heraldry and English country dance. She received a Calon Cross for beginning the Noblesse Largesse Project and is recent past Gold Falcon Principal Herald. 3. Sarmatian in the SCA presents Jess Miller-Camp’s persona research for Lady Arite gune Akasa. Along with research she enjoys heraldry, illumination, sewing, dance and fighting. She lives in Calontir’s Shire of Shadowdale. 4. The Stillroom Book belongs to M. Aline Swynbroke (mka Rebecca von Groote). It records and comments on […]

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Calontir’s Clothiers Seminar XXXI

I went to Clothier’s Seminar XXXI, yesterday. I always enjoy this event so much.  Clothiers is a fun time, with varied clothing class subjects by a plethora of instructors. It’s the perfect place for you to learn historical clothing history, design and construction.  I found the perfect class for me. Burgundian dress history and construction. That’s exactly my persona’s time and […]

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Throwback Thursday: Pennsic War XXIII

Me and someone’s scooter disguised as a “horse”. . This goes back 21 years to Pennsic War XXIII. My 13-year-old daughter and I had more fun than a passel of puppies!  We’d been in the SCA about 4 years. Just enough time to acquire:  enough period-style camp clothing enough camp gear tent camping experience SCA background information resources to care for […]

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What I Learned Participating In World Hijab Day For The First Time

I am not a Muslim woman, but today, February 1st , for the first time, I wore a hijab. I participated in World Hijab Day, to support the world’s women that have decided to wear one. What would I learn wearing a headscarf in public? Would people’s reactions to me be different? The hijab head covering has always seemed beautifully feminine and dignified to me. To […]

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Playing With Powdered Period Pigments

I’m teaching again!! It’s been years, unfortunately.  In early April you can take my “Playing With Period Pigments” class at the Bellewode Heraldic Scribal and Dance Symposium in Kirksville, MO. It is a safety and hands-on class, teaching paint production from natural earth powdered pigments. You’ll take home the safety supplies and paints you make. Would you care to see photos I snapped in 2010 of the same class? I just have two. Calontir Scribes Playing with Powdered Pigments Making Paint From Powder My Messy Studio                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 What do I […]

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SCA Melee Skill Practice at Winter War Maneuvers

This was the moment he most loved about tourneying, that first glorious sortie with banners streaming, trumpets blaring, and the earth atremble with pounding hooves as hundreds of knights came together in a spectacular clash of sound and fury.  ― Sharon Kay Penman, Devil’s Brood Have you ever seen Medieval-style fighting? Recently I saw SCA warriors preparing, so they could soon feel the […]

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One Word Challenge 2016

Have you heard of the One Word Challenge? I recently discovered it. You pick one word as your year’s focus. A positive challenge that fits with My Atypical 2016 Chuck-It List concepts. Easy. (I like simple.) The first thing I did was google the phrase. Just in case, it was more complex than it seemed. I learned there are only two basic steps. Thoughtfully […]

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12th Night 2016: Barony of Lonely Tower’s Midwinter SCA Festival

The Barony of the Lonely Tower delivered another striking Twelfth Night mid-winter SCA fete, January 2, 2016. Calontir Steel and Armored Combat fighters wielded weapons in multiple diverse contests. Armored Combat Competition Lonely Tower’s annual event kick starts the years event calendar. It delights Calontir’s warmhearted, non-fighting populace with day-long friendship, fun, and festivities.  The annual revelry presents all-ages activities, […]

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More Merry Christmas

Back from the family holiday. What a wonderful time! Family and friends coming in and going out. Those present changing in rotation. Thankfully road crews had done an excellent job removing the surprise 7 inches snow from the streets. While many food items simmered and slow cooked, giving the atmosphere a cozy feel, we played a new-to-me game, Cards Against Humanity. A party […]

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Throwback Thursday Calligraphy and Illumination 2008

Here’s a picture from 2008 for Throwback Thursday. It’s an award I did with calligraphy and illlumination for an SCA friend, Luciana. (You know, that’s the Society for Creative Anachronism). Luci received a Laurel for all the amazing Renaissance and medieval clothing she researched and made. The whole story is…Luciana received the actual award many years earlier, but not the […]

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Shopping and Merriment at Kris Kinder

Merchants in the Great Hall.   I went to Kris Kinder the yearly winter holiday shopping extravaganza for Calontir‘s pre-1700s reenactors in Midwest, USA. It’s always bursting with quality handcrafted toys, attire, jewelry, camp gear, edibles, weapons, and armor tempting money out of 600 attendees’ pockets. Yesterday, I was one who was lured by its enticements.  Norse-age women showing off their spunky […]

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