Who I Am

If you’re here you’re curious about me. You want to meet the itinerant scribe. Perhaps you hope to find a fellow traveler, artisan-ally, or pastime helpmate.

I’m here to connect with you. 

blog about my life-long learning and hobby hodgepodge – calligraphy and illumination, historical reenactment, craft adventures and road-trips. These are what energize me. I hope they inspire you too.

fbf57-20160515_071051I am – thankfully – an RDH, a retired dental hygienist. I now have time to share games and craft dates with my two quizzical grand kids. And my home-life is overfilled by two crazy dogs and a lazy white cat. 
If If you look online, you’ll find me by my SCA name  Jehanne Bening  from the Kingdom of Calontir. My persona is a 15th century manuscript illuminator working for Alexander Bening in Bruges. My uncounted pictures and posts relate to that and my other pursuits.

I enjoy blogging. It’s a way to connect with you. When you’re able write to me by email.  I welcome your considerate, truthful comments on my posts and pictures. I want to know your discoveries, opinions, and questions. Your thoughts and words matter. 

Please, fill out the form below.

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