Apologia for Reading

This truly thought provoking poem by Timi Townsend may take you in a new direction. It goes to your very core.

Let Us Live Like We Mean It!

If my body is to be flung out

in undiscerning clumps of energy

and if it is to become some new chemistry

some fertile bit of old-rot earth

some poison plant in an old man’s yard

some wart enraging the purity of a foreign hand

and if these transformations are to be

exploded at planet’s end

and filtered through time and space of no dimension

and contracted into the smallest particle of a new star’s aureole

if my body

my actions, perceptions, emotions

are to be dissipated so

transformed by one intersection of chance forces colliding

if I am to continue

unknown and unknowing

within innumerable vortices of bodies or vacancy

why should I not

in this present gushing moment

become the brief identity of another’s energy?

Copyright Timi Townsend 1972, 2016.  All rights reserved.

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