Who Really Keeps New Year’s Resolutions?

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

Do you make resolutions for the coming year? Dealing with my broken ankle around New Year’s got me thinking about them again. Every year I make them and every year I break them -resolutions that is. So what about those for 2020?

I make resolutions as pacts with myself since my track record is a no show. I also own them since you can’t make a resolution for someone else. Mine are about improving my quality of life. Ways to make my overall happiness a priority.

But since the pact is just with me, I’ll be grateful for what I accomplish. If I don’t totally whip my house into shape I’ll accept it and be glad it’s improved. If I don’t make my artsy goals, I’ll adjust and enjoy the journey.

Making resolutions may seem trite. But I think you’re better off than if you don’t. They set the tone for your coming year. They keep you moving forward. And at least some should make you happier.

So here are – or are again – my enhanced New Year’s resolutions.

  • Downsize and declutter my house.
  • Read and listen to more books.
  • Make a new fun friend.
  • Make and give more largess.
  • Budget and rebuild my “fun money” savings.
  • Walk or practice tai chi/ qigong daily.
  • Buy myself flowers every month.

I don’t expect huge improvements, baby steps are good. I’ve learned there’s a big difference between slipping up and giving up. No matter their size I’ll be working on my vision. So why don’t you take a shot for what you wish to do in life?

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