Best Wishes To All

‘Tis the season to wish each other joy, love and peace. I hope you’re sharing those with others and the holiday’s giving spirit.

I am blessed to be with my grandkids – Charlotte and Ben – plus a dozen more. Like many it will include a feast, good cheer, and the great present reveal. Unfortunately I will see everything from an easy chair while having food and gifts brought to me.

Yesterday I acquired a new decoration on my left ankle. A splint. I fell on some invisible ice while I walked my dog Pippa. I twisted enough it fractured. The break is small, but since it’s an ankle it needs a brace. Not exactly the gift I wanted.

Even so I am grateful. Grateful both Uber drivers were so helpful and understanding. Pleased the emergency room was practically empty. Comforted by the efficient and knowledgeable care I received. But most of all I’m grateful I won’t need surgery. So I’m very happy.

I hope you have more positive reasons to celebrate than I do. Here’s to “Happy Holidays” Itinerant Scribe followers and discoverers. I wish you each of you the best of friends, family, and festivities.

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