I’m glad you’re here.

Whether you followed me here from my previous blog create me 365 or just randomly found this, I’m delighted you’re here. I’m glad you’re on board.

jetty feet sign wooden
Photo by Mabel Amber on Pexels.com

If you arrived from my Blogger site you’re probably wondering what’s up with the move? Why did I do it? I’ll admit, I made a mistake. I thought with Google owning Blogger their humongous search engines would easily find my create me 365 posts. You’d be able to find them easily and I wouldn’t need to constantly tell everyone on social media.

If this is your first visit “Hello”. You’re welcome here. If you’re curious about me, please check out Who I Am.

After toiling over a hot keyboard for years I decided I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. And my renewal date was fast approaching. It made me wonder if there was a better way to reach you.

Since I wasn’t blogging for my business – I don’t have one – I just wanted a good looking place for writing. One that made it easy for you to read and to contact me.

So I asked my blogging friends what they thought. I learned WordPress offered more functions. One friend explained, “It’s like using Betamax when everything’s happening on VHS.” I was encouraged to change.

17ab6-pippa2bhelping2bsort2bphotos I see from the transfer most posts and pages made it here intact, although some links are broken. However, the picture layout seems disorganized and awkward. The font seems randomly chosen, but the information is here.

Besides the new digs and its view, you’ll notice I’ve changed the blog’s name. I think this name – An Itinerant Scribe – describes the blog better than the old one. I am after all a craft dabbling, traveling artisan.

Now that it’s done take a look around the new place. Tell me what you think. Did I miss or change something you liked? I really want to know.

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