Challenging The New Year

Calendar fragment with wishes for the new year.
Printed in Basel 
between 1480 and 1490. ow in the British Museum

The New Year is fast approaching. Just two days away. As I do most every year at this time I reflect on the last year. I encourage you to do the same for your SCA life. 

You’ll want to consider both things that went well for you and things that did not. What inspired your SCA creativity and what depleted your energy? And how well you used your hobby time? 

After pondering those questions I consider what I learned last year. And, what  I did with what I learned.

And finally, I consider how I might do things differently in this new year.

For the future I set goals. One long-term goal that I chop into several that are shorter. 

Last year my SCA goal was to better connect with the SCA scribal community. Then M. Aidan – the current Calontir Minister of Arts and Sciences – chose to take within the scribal community all Book Arts, not just the skills used for making scrolls. So I expanded my goal slightly to connecting better with Calontir’s book artisans.  

As with many SCAdians, the reason for this goal was my restricted budget. I wanted a way to connect and support Calontir scribes that didn’t involve kenneling my two dogs for extended periods. The kennel cost limits my participation. You may have limiting budget factors too. Most of us do.

Thus sprang the last year’s Book Arts RUSH. A long-term goal I championed.

My smaller goals were based on it. General autocrat duties. Developing a focused class plan. Connecting with instructors to fulfill the plan. Connecting with my Lonely Tower event staff. Promoting the event throughout Calontir. Even the new, simple craft I took up – making the period-style tasseled bookmarks – was to make site tokens.

I used my cell phone’s calendar to schedule goal deadlines. And set daily tasks I could check off as I accomplished them. This helped inspire me and keep track of my progress.

To “talk” with everyone, I set up two FaceBook messenger groups. One with instructors and one with the Lonely Tower staff. Another way I could connect.

While I did this for one personal goal I sought to help other Book Artisans too. To encourage their learning and interaction along with mine. 

For the coming year, I highly recommend – whatever your level in the SCA or your chosen craft – set yourself a long-term goal. Then use it for focus and inspiration in your smaller tasks. 

Make it a New Year’s priority. Thoughtfully consider the areas you think you fell short last year. We all have them. Then make next year’s plan to grow in the hobby you love. 

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