New Blog Start-up In Calontir

Bloggers of Calontir present you – their readers – research, information and personal thoughts about reenactment and history. I am interested in personal bloggers who post SCA relevant information at least quarterly.

And I have another blog for my list.

This one belongs to a Calontir friend. It is a new blog. Although she’s not new to blogging, she has another. That one is modern with widely diverse topics. This one will focus on the SCA.

Her new blog is “Auntie Aidan’s Lazy Laurel -Musings, Posts, and Paricles on Life in the SCA”. Or I suppose you can just call it the Lazy Laurel’s blog. She would.

But M. Aidan Cocrinn is anything but lazy. She’s a laureled production scribe, an accomplished writer, and is Calontir’s Minister of Arts and Sciences. Her third kingdom job. All this and employed outside the home, too.

Your blog is your story, your musings. It’s like writing a lengthy letter home while you are visiting another country. You’re excited and want to share what you’ve seen, learned or did. I’m confident M. Aidan’s musings will show you that and tell you even more.

Find her blog and welcome her to the Calotir blog sphere. You”d be getting in on the ground floor, as it were. 

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