That New Year’s Eve Thing

New Year’s Eve is here and where do you go in 2018?

Pour a glass of your favorite taste. Think about what you did well or not. Set a few goals or make resolutions.

I’ve been blogging about things scribal and the SCA for two years. With this being  New Year’s Eve I thought it a good time to examine the results. Join me.

What have I accomplished? Where can I improve? How does the SCA fit with the rest of life?

There are two other frequent SCA scribal bloggers. Alexandre Saint Pierre’s Pensive Pen and Ian the Green’s Scribescribbling. Both excellent, frequent writers about calligraphy and ink topics. 

There’s Adrienne d’Evreus’ The Scientist’s Scroll. She emphasizes medieval pigments. 

And there are a few online scroll portfolio blogs. 

But when I began there weren’t any bloggers focusing on scroll production. That became my niche. Teaching virtual scribal students who want to learn at their own pace. How have I done for you? 
My control panel says I’ve had 30,000 page views for all time. 

Interestingly my most popular posts are my photo arrays. But they are suited to everyone in Calontir, so I tell people on Facebook after they go up. That inflates their numbers compared to my other posts. 

The most popular non-photo posts were: Using A Scratch Nib For Corrections10 Ways To Practice Calligraphy and What’s An Award Scroll’s Purpose?. And the most popular blog page is my Scribal Resources.

The most common topic I post about after the SCA, in general, is Calligraphy and Illumination. But my C and I label includes everything from books to scripts and scrolls. My next common labels are How-toPhilosophy, and Review.

What can I improve? What would you like me to change?

This blog is for you as much as it is mine. I want what I write to help or be interesting for you. 

I post regularly on a Sunday, Wednesday schedule. I hope this attracts more of you. I welcome feedback and requests. I’d love to see more.
What is in the future? Who knows, but I can plan or set goals.
I want to improve my own scribal skills. But many in the SCA say that because it’s what we do. My calligraphy is my weakest link, so for personal improvement, I will focus on it starting with Calligraphy Boot Camp

As a blogger, I want to plan my schedule better. Perhaps use a scribal content calendar.

Now that the scribal community knows me again after the break I took, I want to do more original scrolls. They are what inspire and keep me enthused. They provide you photos and scribal topics.

I enjoy working with scribes. The Lonely Tower class will take a new direction. In January it becomes a monthly scribal gathering. Classes won’t be scheduled unless requested. But my door will be open to anyone interested the last Sunday afternoon of most months. 

As I finish my New Year’s Merlot, which didn’t take long, I’m thankful for the past year and all its opportunities. I have renewed focus and spirit for 2018.

If you haven’t taken stock of your SCA scribal niche, I recommend it. A brief look to see where you want to go with it the New Year. 

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