Another Scribe Online: The Verdant Quill

Before I started blogging I searched the Internet for any blog I could find about manuscript illumination. I found many on calligraphy or fancy cursive. I found academic blogs on medieval illuminated manuscripts. But I found few that related to the illumination craft. 

Brother Thomas Profile Logo
I have listed related blogs and a few other Calontir sources you might enjoy to the side. There is another source I want to note. It’s actually a source collection by Brother Thomas the Green. He has a Facebook page, an Etsy shop for his books, bookbinding and weaving crafts, and a blog by that name with his published tutorials. 

I stumbled on Brother Thomas’ work in an odd way. His class handouts popped up unbidden on my Google Docs page. They were intriguing, so I went looking for the source. His teaching and blogging approaches are interesting. He uses vector graphics, of which I’m clueless. 

Brother Thomas’ philosophy is different from mine, perhaps because he comes from the Kingdom of the Midrealm. Have a look at his “Scroll Levels” and “Starting a Model Book” guides. His Facebook page includes some videos he’s made
Brother Thomas multiple online sites show he’s busy teaching and sharing scribal and weaving crafts. Please have a look at them.

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