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Just before M. Aidan left to teach at this year’s Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium I asked her if she would guest post on my blog after she returned. She said she was pleased to do it, but would I do the same for her. Of course, I said. 

M. Aidan speaking at Calontir’s 2017
Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition.
M. Aidan Cocrinn has refocused and relaunched her blog, I am Intellectually I thought it appropriate if I wrote about my reasons for blogging. It’s a short post. While you’re there have a look at her recent writings

Guest posting is a twist on writing for your own blog. The content relates to the blog on which your post will show, not your own. It should also be “green” content, a topic that can be posted at any time and still be relative. The blog owner usually posts comments about your upcoming post and on the day it’s released usually introduces you. 

Toodle on over M. Aidan’s blog post today. I enjoyed sharing with her and look forward to her guest post here.

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