New Years, New Opportunities

I had this wonderful blog post written and edited about new opportunities for 2017. It was truly amazing.

As I reread it before publishing, I did something that deleted it. Poof…Gone.

I’m sure it was Titivillus again.

It figures, 2016 was a tough year for many. In my family, too. Why not end it with another S.N.A.F.U.?

Instead, I choose to pivot.

The New Year gives us a demarcation, a dividing line. I can pivot and look to the future with wonder. To view opportunities approaching with desire, not dread. I am not able to change the past. I am able to change what comes to me one day at a time. The future.

As the year begins, I find myself moving on to unexpected new optimism. I celebrate the coming possibility filled year. My chance to learn and grow as a scribe, a blogger, a Grandmother, a friend.

I learn as much from teaching scribes as the students. I look forward to more scribal classes after the holiday hiatus. They influence what I write about too.

I have techniques I want to learn. This year I want to finish making paint from rocks. Perhaps enter Calontir’s Championship competition with them.

With Nan having graduated, I hope to have more quality time with her and her children, Ben and Charlotte. They are at a wonderful exploration and fun age. I want to connect before that vanishes into their teens.

I want to add a new friend or two to my collection. To listen better to those I have.

I’ve decided not to chase after traits and talents for myself, but zestful, meaningful activities provide fun and fulfillment. They help me live up to my role models, my Aunt, who lived on her own into her late nineties, and Lady Milada.

How do you see the coming year? What will you learn and explore?

I wish you 2017, a year overflowing with exploration, wonder and optimism. Happy New Year to each of you.

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