Surprise…I’ve Returned

After my life’s recent craziness I took a little break. I drove to the far south side of Kansas City, MO, to visit my long time friends, again. 

I arrived in time for a BBQ party and a chance to see their extended family. (No pictures, sorry.)


Sunday we went sailing on Perry Lake, with their son Joe’s family. This was a fresh pleasure and a new experience. I’ve never been sailing and I’ve missed boating since the cruiser was sold. 

The gleaming fall weather was perfect. I relished the gentle, steady breeze on my face. The temperature just right. (But too cold for swimming.) 

Joe’s whole family was all over their boat. The girls fished off the front while their Mom fixed treats in the galley. No TV here. (But satellite access for safety meant the Chief’s game was monitored.)

On the way back to the marina, Joe even rescued a stranded boater. His engine wouldn’t restart. Boaters help boaters, because you never know when that might be you. I’ve been part of this many times before, but never from a sailboat.

Back at the marina, you can see Joe’s boat docked until the next sail. Not many weekends remaining this season, I’m pleased I shared one with them all.

On the way home we stopped for dinner at Ted’s Cafe Escondido in Lee’s Summit, MO.

I love Mexican food and my friends know it. They know how to show guests a fun time. (Love you too.)


Monday we went to Westport, Kansas City, MO. It’s now an entertainment district. 
My Mother’s family lived and worked here, when they were young. I wanted to find the site of the old Blake Sheet Metal Shop. (I’d written about it in this earlier post.) My daughter had tried to find it on her recent trip. It’s now the Westport Saloon, with entertainment nightly.

Next we walked the district, deciding to snack at McCoy’s Public House. Its sunny deck was so inviting, providing a warm-hearted atmosphere for talking.

Next we drove to the Plaza to walk and browse its many shops. We finished with a Starbucks Latte while enjoying the sparkling outdoors.

We didn’t just eat, shop, and talk this visit. There was the party and my last evening they BBQ’d chicken. 

Of course, I also played with their darling dog, Padre. 

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