Calontir’s 2016 Queen’s Prize Tournament

I was delighted this year’s Queen’s Prize Tournament finally happened. I had free dog sitters and it was only two hours away. I could easily and gladly attend.
Queen’s Prize, as I’ve written about before, is an annual novice artisan event, with a massive number of handmade entries. 

There’s oddles to do even if you don’t have an entry. I take pictures, as you can see. 

I talk with many entrants about their work, especially scribes. 

Early in the day, Count Marius Lucian Fidelis and Honorable Lord Cathus the Curious were placed on vigil. Through out the day, they would receive friend’s comments and contemplate their coming elevation by Their Majesties to the Order of the Laurel

The Laurel is a peerage honor within the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Both shared food and drink with all attending while waiting private time to speak with them.

Inside my friends were receiving comments on their entries. Or they were sharing their knowledge and skills to entrants.

I was lucky the artisans I sponsored were seated next to each other. While I’m sure they talked about me when I was away, I was easily able to be with them during their judging sessions. 

I particularly enjoyed the young entrants and their presentations.

Their spirit and joy shows on their face.

Of all the works, this Norse woman’s outfit was the most stunning, attracting attention from all.

I also spent time at the preprint scribes table. In Calontir our novice level awards are designed and printed. Then similar individually painted like in a coloring book. The text and design are repeated, but the individual scroll is hand painted. Many events have a table with supplies for this.

At QPT there’s always a meeting with Their Majesties at lunch.  It is one of two events where comments, artisans, order members and created works converge. 

After more judging periods court is held by Their Majesties. 

During court, each entrant receives a gift from a sponsor, but not their sponsor. Each sponsor, besides coaching their entrant, provides a gift. The number of their gifts equals the number of people they sponsored. I designed and illuminated two small Celtic falcon?
?and knotwork pictures for my gifts.  

Half of the sponsors lined up to present their gifts to their selected entrant.

The court finale were the two Laureling ceremonies. 

HL Cathus’ ceremony was conducted as if he were being questioned to be accepted as a Master scholar during the Middle Ages. The candles are one of his many areas of knowledge.

Sir Lucian’s elevation ceremony, of course, displayed his Roman persona and interests.

I have a closer view for his pictures because I remembered to take my camera with me. As one of many Calontir Laurels, I sat at Their Majesties feet during the ceremonies.

I had gladly traveled and spent a day with friends talking about their creations and watching them receive recognition for their works. It’s why I have this Calontir obsession.

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