My Random Reads

I love reading. Back in the day, I carried a paperback everywhere, just in case I was called upon to wait. Now with an eReader and a smart-phone, I’m never without a book. And most of them are digital. 

Unless I am reading to learn something, I now prefer casual-books that keep me laughing. The best books for this are Jana DeLeon‘s Miss Fortune Mystery series that begins with Louisiana Longshot. I found this series a year ago and have read all eight. 

There are other’s who write about Miss Fortune, her friends and the town of Sinful, Louisana, but Jana DeLeon’s are by far the best. I’ve explored other humorous mystery writers as well, but none compare. 

I’m apparently not the only reader that adores DeLeon’s Sinful tales. The books have been picked up by Sony for a future TV series. And DeLeon is now listed as a best-selling author by both the New York Times and USA Today

I enjoy her writing so much I’m reading the Shaye Archer private investigator series that begins with Malevolent. While these are serious detective stories, DeLeon’s well developed, personable characters carry the book easily through its tortuous, twisting plot. 

I will continue reading the Shaye Archer series, but I can’t wait for the next Miss Fortune mystery to come out. I hope the TV contract doesn’t signal the series end, but a new beginning for the author. 

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