My Life Currently

While working on my coming classes, I also have two house guests. Marie and Eliot. 

Marie is a great friend. She’s moving from a house to an apartment, but having to wait until someone moves out. 

Her dog Eliot is something else. He’s a small terrier mix with a condition causing hair absence. Now he’s 13 years old. What hair he has is now white, but he’s still cute and kicking.

Eliot gets along great with my two dogs and has given them new enthusiasm. Something different for them to do.

My two crazy dogs are Pippa and Rambo. Rambo is an 11-year-old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and the largest. Pippa is the smaller Cairn Terrier, a 3-year-old.

We  named Rambo before we bought him. I’ll never do that again. He has no Rambo-gene and therefore is a wuss. He minds the best. I think he even reads my mind to glean my expectations. He’s also a sweet “touch-me” dog, loving constant stroking.

Pippa thinks everything is about her. Life revolves on her schedule, including when they both get treats. She demands them at 4 and 6, while she waits for dinner at 8, which is when Rambo prefers to eat.

Dogs have been my life, my whole life, from my first word as a tot until today. Currently, I also have Eliot as a visitor. One more dog to enjoy and love.

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