70 Years And Still Counting

I turned 70 this month. A shocking number for me because for centuries, people didn’t often reach that age.     

I remember in high school learning the average life expectancy was 72 years for women and I’ve almost reached that age. Scary. 

The good news for my generation in the USA is life expectancy rose to 78.8 years in 2012, a new high. And life expectancy increases as you age because if you’ve passed death-defying youth, age-related illnesses, catastrophes and plagues there seem to be fewer pitfalls at this age. So the older you become the older you can become. I hope that’s true.

The trick is to just stay alive, busy and connected. That’s never been a challenge before, but now it is my purpose and my goal. This blog is one way I do that. Being valuable to you gives me purpose. Thank you.


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