Retirement Dreams

I’ve been involved with the elderly for most of my life. 

I was born late in my parents’ life and they both were born late in their parents’ lives. So, many of my Aunts, Uncles and Greats were old, if not Victorian, when I was young.  

Then in Junior High, I volunteered weekly in the nursing home where my 90-something Grandfather lived. So I’ve been around Senior living homes for a long time.
Thankfully, things have definitely improved from what I viewed as a teen. 
Now there is great variety in Senior living options. Besides those relevant to your religious beliefs, some relate to life-long affiliations, such as the Masons or military service. 

With the graying of the SCA, I envision a Senior living community for SCAdians. A place where we would feel we belong and crafts are more than glue, pipe-cleaners, and construction paper. Where meals sometimes become “feasts”. And discussions are more than the weather, TV programs, or medical issues. Could this even be possible? 

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