4 Calontir Blogs That Will Inspire You

Bloggers of Calontir have been busy presenting research and information about reenactment and history. Below I have a short list, sometimes called a blogroll. It’s probably not complete, even though I searched many ways.

There must be more blogs written by Calontir citizens or former citizens. If you have a Calontir connected blog please, let me know in the comment section below.

I am interested in personal blogs, not commercial. It should post SCA relevant information, at least quarterly, and been active for at least a year.

These are the four excellent blogs I’ve found. You’ll see even they display great variety in style, topic, and interests.

1. The Falcon Banneredited by HL Mathurin Kerbusso, is unique as it is a Calontir newsletter. While not an official publication of the SCA or the Kingdom of Calontir, it presents timely information relating to both. The Falcon Banner is my regular must read! http://falconbanner.gladiusinfractus.com

2. Konstantia KaloethinaJust Another Byzantine Blog is Rachel Ost‘s creation. In addition to things Byzantine, her interests are heraldry and English country dance. She received a Calon Cross for beginning the Noblesse Largesse Project and is recent past Gold Falcon Principal Herald. https://kaloethina.wordpress.com

3. Sarmatian in the SCA presents Jess Miller-Camp’s persona research for Lady Arite gune Akasa. Along with research she enjoys heraldry, illumination, sewing, dance and fighting. She lives in Calontir’s Shire of Shadowdale. http://sarmatianinthesca.blogspot.com

4. The Stillroom Book belongs to M. Aline Swynbroke (mka Rebecca von Groote). It records and comments on her research, teaching, and artistic endeavors. She focuses on cooking, High Medieval lifestyle, clothing construction, and other crafts. Although she currently lives in the Midrealm, as a former resident she often comments on Calontir. https://thestillroombook.wordpress.com

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