My Atypical 2016 Chuck-it List

It’s New Years Eve and I home with my fur friends, relaxing with a glass of wine. I have my day’s responsibilities completed and look forward to the coming year. Time to make resolutions. Have you made resolutions for 2016?

My resolutions are not normal or typical. They are things I don’t want to do again before I die. An anti-bucket list, some call a “chuck-it list”. (Others use a more colorful name.) Whatever you call it, it is a thoughtful list of things that deter living a happy, content life.

This 2016 I don’t want to…

Funky dressed old couple dining out.
Living A Vibrant Old Age
  • care what other people think about me. This is a tough one as I “mature”. I want a vibrant old age, for sure. I want it for me, not to avoid others labeling me “old”. My fine, thin hair and missing nouns are me, now. I will embrace them.

    • stress about completing my to-do list. I am a can-do person, therefore, I have an active “to-do list”. I will continue to get things done. What I will give up is caring about items I miss. They are the less important ones, after all.

      • be negative. Regret, guilt, pride, heartache, depression drain creative thinking and fulfillment. While I can’t stop them, I can take part in joyful activities that impede them.

        • be apathetic. I have things I want to do. Being almost 70, means the future may have less remaining active time available. Giving up apathy is taking control and using your available time. It is less being lazy, and more attitude.

          Elderly woman appears to tell off older man inside a mall.
          Publicly Sharing Opinions
          • care about society’s expectations, what “they” think I should do. I am a Boomer. Revamping common collective assumptions is our nature and brand. Keeping myself and others safe, I will remain independent, an individual, and think for myself, as long as I possibly am able.

          This is my 2016 broad-brush chuck-it list. A personal mission statement providing a crutch for strength and a future adventure handshake. 

          I could include specifics to avoid like heights, snakes, filth, and political campaigns. There are other possibilities. Have you thought about making a chuck-it list? What would you put on your list? 

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