School’s Out. Granny Nanny Day Care Time.

Before Christmas, I took Charlotte and Ben to Bounce U, an indoor inflatables park. Something they hadn’t done since school began. Ben’s suggestion. I thought it was a wonderful idea with school out. All the jumping would wear them out.

We ate lunch at Subway first, because the open bounce session didn’t start for an hour. That also meant ice cream, because it was there. You don’t ever pass up ice cream if you are a kid. (Me either.)

A boy and a girl playing with an oversized tether ball inflatable.
Bristol and Ben Inside the Tether Ball Inflatable

This inflatable is an upgrade to the old tether-ball game. The large ball shape hangs on a rope in the center, so there’s no pole. The players stand on large inflated cylinders. They swing the big ball from person to person and try to knock each other off their pedestal. It’s a big favorite, usually filled with players on a busy day.

With the school out for a few weeks, family entertainment centers are overrun with children. The benefit at is only the children have to pay.

Many adults watching children play on the gigantic inflatables.
Family Members Watching Their Children Play

Most adults don’t play. They stare at their phone or supervise. But sometimes they bounce. Especially when attendance is low. 

Boy sliding down a gigantic inflatable indoor slide.
Ben Bouncing Down An Inflatable Slide

Besides jumping and bouncing, each bay has a huge inflatable slide. 

Ben likes to bump as he goes down. I was lucky to get a clear picture. Part of my job as a Granny Nanny.

Ben and Charlotte are not camera shy. Probably from the many Grannys they have, all taking photos. Thankfully my camera has an automatic repeat, or I would only have fuzzy photos of their bouncing and sliding.

Ben and Charlotte bounced their way to flushed faces and touchable joy.  The photos only show part of their glee in this Granny Nanny Day Care Time.  

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