More Merry Christmas

Back from the family holiday. What a wonderful time! Family and friends coming in and going out. Those present changing in rotation. Thankfully road crews had done an excellent job removing the surprise 7 inches snow from the streets.

While many food items simmered and slow cooked, giving the atmosphere a cozy feel, we played a new-to-me game, Cards Against Humanity. A party game where players complete fill-in-the-blank phrases chosen from a selection of other mature-content cards. Perhaps it could have been played to win, but the family fun was the interaction around the game. It was also an education. Some phrases, if they weren’t intended to be ridiculous, used terms that were unfamiliar. I googled some to make sure I had it right.

Ben and Charlotte played with some of Santa’s presents until the food was ready. Besides the tasty traditional treats, there were some new recipes. A spicy cranberry chutney, my new favorite food item, gave zest to the moist turkey.

After dinner and finishing the card game, it was time to open gifts. Everyone received something, with Ben and Charlotte receiving a nice haul.

Desert and coffee finished the heart-warming day of good cheer. I had a great sufficiency of Christmas food, fun, friends and family.

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