Throwback Thursday Photo Christmas 1954

With Throwback Thursday Christmas Eve, I went hunting for a photo of myself to post. It took some time because I have heaps of old photos. But, I found this…

Photo of girl 8 years old, with Christmas tree, holding a fur muff.
1954 Christmas Photo

This was taken in 1954. Yes, I remember it well. I’m wearing my new Christmas red robe with the bunny on the pocket. A traditional present for kids in my family. Probably a way have more to open and still be useful later. Mom had many tricks like that.

The wonderful, cuddly rabbit fur muff was a present I was proud to get. It was so snuggly soft. Now, I don’t remember if it was from my parents or Santa. 

You can tell, the tree is real, because of its barren appearance. That didn’t reduce the Christmas spirit it exuded. Or the pleasure we had putting it up. 

Mom did my haircuts. “I wasn’t old enough to go to the beauty shop.” Or so she said. I’m about 8 years old. Dorky hair must have been in style; I didn’t question the chopped bangs. I wanted beautiful long hair.

Cairn Terrier dog on table with stacks of photos.
Pippa with photos.

I went through hundreds of photos to find this one for Christmas Throwback Thursday. (I have more in my stash to sort. I think they multiply when I’m not looking.) Being the youngest in my generation by 14 years, means I inherited tons of photos. I received pictures collected by my parents. Those they took and many they received. I have photos passed on from both by brothers. Then I have my own unsorted, double-print collection, as well. 

I’m not the great organizer my best friends are. They went through all their life’s photos and scanned them to computer flash drives. Each drive was labeled by decade. They made a set for each of their children and one for themselves. A lot of work, to be sure. Also, a private, personal celebration of life and good times remembered through old photos.

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