A 50th Anniversary Bash. How could it be?

I can’t believe my best friends celebrated their 50th Anniversary. It’s not possible! I was in their wedding. How could that be that long?

We double dated before we all got married. Road motorcycles together. SCUBA dived. Saw drive in movies together. Parked. That was the ’60s.

We have woven in and out of each others lives over those many years. Raised kids. Lived lives. Then, I moved a few hours away, eventually slowing our visits to a standstill. 

Being with them again, felt like the eight years I missed had not happened. In fact, because the long absence occurred, we spent hours sharing things we each missed. New or renewed hobbies and pets, new houses, kids, grandkids, travels, family deaths, and our illnesses. (Seniors talk a lot about health issues.) We talked constantly, for the few days I was there.

The finale was the Open House their kids gave. So many pictures of passing years. Even more, stories to share. I knew many of their family and friends. It was good to see them all again. Their kids pulled a fast one, completely surprised them, sneaking in new friends they made while snow-birding in South Padre Island. 

This visit for my friends 50th was extraordinary, not just because of the celebration. For me, it was about the wonderful reconnection. Being so warmly welcomed, again. Sure, in heart, it won’t be the last.  

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